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Our Trip to England (June 11 – June 17, 2017)

After the meeting at the Kaufland car park we left Germany to our very nice trip to England. While going by coach through Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France, crossing the English Channel by ferry and driving from Dover to Herne Bay, we had to sleep on the bus.

To get an overview on our town we had a town rallye in Herne Bay. The first meeting with the families was at 6pm.

The next day we had a trip to Hastings. We took a guided walking tour through Hastings, went to the Aquarium and had free time in the afternoon. So we could enjoy the beach and the nice weather.

On Wednesday we went to Greenwich. At the Royal Observatory we had a breathtaking view on the city centre of London. During this day we had the chance to see many famous sights of London for example the Tower Bridge and the London Eye.

The next day we went to Dover. We had a stop at a giant shopping mall. At Dover Castle we had an amazing view on Dover and the sea. In the afternoon, we went to Broadstairs beach. Not all of us were brave enough to swim in the very cold ocean.

On Friday we went to Canterbury. Canterbury Cathedral was very impressive. In the afternoon, we had much free time, so we had the chance to spend our last money and enjoy Canterbury. At 6pm our coach arrived and we went back home. We reached Jena at 9am on Saturday morning.

Felix Schröder (Year 8c)