„The Wave“ Play at Erfurt Theatre Exposes the Dangers of Blindly Following a Group

Last Friday, on March 10, the students of the 11th grade, who are taking advanced level English classes, had the opportunity to see a highly impressive play in the Erfurt theatre. The play, „The Wave“, was performed in English by the „American Drama Group Europe“ and is based on the novel of the same name by Morton Rhue.

The play poses the question why Germans did not resist the Nazi regime during the Third Reich. To explore this question, a history teacher decides to conduct an experiment with his class, leading them to participate in a movement called „The Wave.“ The movement has three principles: „power through discipline,“ „power through community,“ and „power through action,“ which are gradually introduced to the students. However, the movement escalates when a Jewish student experiences violence for not joining „The Wave.“ The teacher then decides to abort the experiment and shows the students that they would have been good Nazis.

The play effectively demonstrates how easily a movement can develop and emphasizes the importance of independent thinking. Despite the use of only basic props, the actors conveyed this message exceptionally well. It was also interesting to observe how skillfully the four actors brought the play to life.
In conclusion, „The Wave“ serves as a powerful reminder of the dangers of blindly following a charismatic leader or group. The play’s message is particularly relevant in today’s society, where social media can amplify group dynamics and spread misinformation at an alarming rate.

Text-Author: Niklas Heß, 11th grade

Pictures: Nika Weißleder, 11th grade

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