extraordinary visit from Leipzig: MeetUS with the 11th grade

Five days before Christmas the CZG had an unusual visitor: the International Relations Officer, Dave Panetti, came to the school to give a short presentation about himself, his job and the US in general. The audience of that presentation were the students of the 11th grade, who afterwards even had the opportunity to ask him questions.

The event began fitting to the season with a short quiz about Christmas in Germany and the US to loosen the atmospheres. Then Mr. Panetti held his presentation and showed that he knew, maybe from his former job as a teacher, exactly how to interest a classroom. Last (but most definitely not “least”) the students asked questions, which in topic ranged all the way from details about foreign service in the US to present international conflicts like the war in the Ukraine. All of those questions the Consul answered with great attention and exactly so detailed that he neither bored nor left someone unsatisfied. As conclusion the students and the Consul together sang the first verse of the song “Oh Christmas tree”, both in English and in German.
Throughout the whole event the mood was very good, due both to the Consul’s great ease with the students and their palpable interest. Accordingly, I believe that to all the students it was not only a valuable, but also an enjoyable experience.

Text: Carolina Grün, 11th grade

We are very happy and thankful to have the MeetUS program with us again and again!

More information – MeetUS: https://de.usembassy.gov/de/meet-us-de/

Details to the U.S. Consulate General Leipzig



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